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MOTIVATION MONDAY – TELL THE WORLD YOU ARE WORKING OUT (ACCOUNTABILITY).  Tell your friends, family and co-workers your fitness goals. Telling people your goals makes them real and now that others know they can help you stay on track. Go one step further and encourage everyone you know to join you. Working out in groups […]

Why Cross Training is Important for the Equestrian…

Riding multiple times a week does not automatically translate to being in top condition.  Just like any athlete, physical prowess is essential to success in the show ring. To effectively communicate with our partner, we use solely our bodies which require training for control. Just like a football, baseball, or basketball player trains in the […]

Why Training Out of the Saddle is so Important?

You may be wondering why training out of the saddle helps you become a better rider and saddle time is not enough.  In two words, muscle memory.  Muscle memory occurs when your body has repeated a movement so many times that you no longer need to think consciously about how to make it happen. Your […]

Are You Drinking Yourself Fat?

People often overlook the calories contained in their favorite soft drink, fruit juice or sports drink.  A regular soft drink has as many as 150 -200 calories per 12 oz. can.  Drink three 12 oz servings daily throughout one week and your total calories consumed equals 3500 – the same amount of calories in a […]

7 Key Elements to an Equestrian Fitness Program

As an avid horse show competitor, I work very hard to get (and keep) my horses fit for competition.  A fit horse is stronger, sounder, more supple, more balanced/lighter and more athletic overall.  They are athletes that when in top condition perform at the “top of their game.” What I sometimes fail to remember is […]