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    Every plan includes…
    • Efficient, power packed programs designed to torch calories
    • Strength training-focused workouts to build strong and lean muscles
    • Cardio training in the form of high intensity intervals
    • Easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines
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    Find out why Fitness Unleashed’s online personal training program is unique and proven to get you great results.

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  • Fit-2-Ride Equestrian Conditioning

    Personal training programs designed
    specifically for the rider.

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Fitness Unleashed focuses on helping you embrace a healthy lifestyle – not fixating on a number on a scale – so that you can look as great as you feel! My philosophy is simple: combine exercise, nutrition and accountability to empower you to become sexy, strong and fit. Fitness Unleashed offers one-on-one personal training, Fit-2-Ride training for equestrians, and online coaching specifically designed to transform your body and ultimately change your life!

Laura Rubin

Hey there. I’m Laura, founder of Fitness Unleashed. I’m not going to sugarcoat things – getting healthy and happy with your body takes hard work and determination. But give me time and a go-getter attitude, and Fitness Unleashed can guarantee you’ll be a better you – inside and out.

Fit-2-Ride is Fitness Unleashed’s conditioning program specifically tailored to the competitive equestrian. As a seasoned rider, I realized that saddle time was not enough to keep me at the top of my game. So I combined my passion for riding and fitness to develop fitness programs for the equestrian athlete.

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11 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting


In this report Laura explains 11 ways that you can lose weight without having to submit yourself to a strict diet. While a diet may help you lose weight temporarily, statistics show that you are more likely than not to gain all the weight back after the diet is finished. This report contains 11 ways that you can make lasting improvements to your eating habits, your personal fitness, and your life.